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He who looks outside, dreams. He who looks inside, awakens. Carl Jung

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Bloggy Love ~ Second Blog Award (& Some Truths About Me)



I am honored.  A sincere note of appreciation to Kim @ A Spicy Boy, A Cat and My Fat Ass.  Yes, she is funny ~ check her out.

Here are the rules for receiving this award.

1) Thank the person who gave you the award
2) Share 7 things about yourself
3) Pass the award along to at least 10 bloggers you think are fantastic
4) Contact the bloggers you picked and let them know about the award

I didn’t make the rules up, don’t know who did & am ok if you choose not to follow them ~ hope I’m not breaking a blogging rule by saying that:)

You all know how little I really talk about myself so here goes…(breathe in…)

1 ~ I write a lot about capturing the moment, writing your way through pain and embracing the inner journey to authenticity; but sometimes a White Russian works as well.

2 ~ I just recently found out that wearing glasses on top of my head is apparently one of my trademarks (see profile pic)

3 ~ I think I went five years once without crying.  Now I tear up even at commercials (the allergy excuse doesn’t work anymore!).

4 ~ After ten years my husband still gives me chills.

5 ~ My girls rock!

6 ~ I love naps.

7 ~ I’ve lost count @ how many times I’ve seen Dave Matthews Band.

Bonus ~ Mid-40’s isn’t so bad:)

Even harder, I have to choose ten blogs out of so many fantastic voices….this is in no way an exhaustive list of the blogs I follow nor in any particular order.  (As previously alluded to in an earlier post, I will be giving out my own “Life Lines” award from time to time.  Mainly because I think we should all receive some validation for speaking our truth and hoping that truth throws out a needed lifeline to others.)


All Things Wonderful ~ peaceful blog with interesting info

Paisley Passions ~ wonderful projects

Arsty Canvas Girl ~ living her authentic life

Diamond Potential ~ a blog with heart

live artfully ~ beautiful

Pacifiers Pumps The World ~ love her willingness to try new things on her blog

W.I.P. It  A Writer's Journey ~ Excellent writers’ blog (& aren’t we all writers?!)

Society of Socialpreneurs ~ love this site for networking and support

Wagging Tales ~ another great writers’ blog

I Made It Through The Rain ~ Awesome approach


  1. Wow Dawn, thank you for including my blog among your ten noted here.

  2. Thanks DAWN!! WOW!!
    I think I'm with you with the glasses on top of the head!! Last week we were leaving for the movies and I was frantically running around looking for my sunglasses (I have MANY). I found a pair and put them on. When we went in to pay, I move them to the top of my head... where there was already another pair!! LOL!! Unfortunately, that a common thing... *sigh*

    I do have to say that when I drank, White Russian was one of my FAVORITES!!! Baileys on the rocks ROCKED... LOL!! *sigh* OK! I'll be GOOD!! ;p (((HUGS)))

  3. Hi Dawn! I am so honored! Thank you -- my first award for blogging! Like you, I tear up during commercials. My kids laugh and it can be quite embarrassing. Like you, I adore my children, a good nap and, yes! White Russians...
    Love and blessings!

  4. Thanks so much for this special award :)
    It's a great honour


  5. You have put a smile on my face. What a great way to wake up. Thank you so much!!! I'm a Tequila girl. You can't say it without smiling. That is so sweet about your hubby. Exactly how its suppose to be.

    Thank you!!!

  6. Congratulations! A well deserved award.

  7. Dawn,
    This award system is such a great idea; thank you for inviting me to participate, the award and the kind words concerning my blog.
    I am one of your new followers and I look forward to so many more great blogs from you...have a super day!


  8. I haven't had a white russian in years! So yummy! And, the late 40's aren't so bad, either!

  9. Hi, hope it's OK to contact you here. We would love to include your blog on our giveaway search engine: Giveaway Scout ( Have a look and if interested, use our online form to add your blog ( ). thanks, Josh

  10. Hi!
    Thanks for stopping by, I appreciate your visit. I like what you have to say, about honesty and support. Been trying to find and do both at Heart and Home, it's a daily stuggle to stay true to myself! But getting easier every day.
    Stop by anytime,
    Heidi - Heart and Home

  11. Fell behind in replying ~ so sorry!
    Myrna ~ as always, great to see you here & I really appreciate your support & kind words (& your blog which is full of inspiration!)
    Lisa ~ so glad you came by!
    Heidi ~ I'll definitely be coming back
    Josh ~ of course it's okay, I do have a "treasure chest" giveaway coming up in November so I'll come by
    Mary ~ good to know:)


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