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He who looks outside, dreams. He who looks inside, awakens. Carl Jung

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Blogged Down


I began this blog in February as a way of self-expression and connection.  I’ve enjoyed it as well as “blog-hopping” (love peeking into others’ worlds and saying hello).  Sometimes though my brain starts a spin cycle from all there is to read and learn.  It doesn’t help that I’ve always considered myself a technological-illiterate! 

Would love feedback on what others do to manage blog-time and blog-info!


  1. Hi! I'm here from The Lady Bloggers Tea Party Social! Pleased to meet you. I've got a HELLO, HANDSOME blog party happening at my blog right now. I'd be tickled pink if you stopped by and joined in the fun.

    Homemaker Honey

  2. Thanks for stopping by Deborah ~ I checked out your blog and it's really cute!

  3. I wish I could answer that! I've been spending way to much time on here! LOL I'm a new blogger, so I'm still so facinated by all the great reads, and amazing women! I told myself I would blog during my "me time". After the kids are in bed, and everything else is done. However, I'm totally NOT doing that right now! I need a lesson in balancing myself. :) Found you on the blog frog.

  4. Hi Adrienne ~ thanks for stopping by! I told myself the same thing! We'll get there! I'll look you up on BlogFrog..

  5. I just started blogging in Feb., too. I spend way too much time on blogs, and the bad thing is, I keep finding new ones to read! There are some really good ones out there, aren't there? Seems like every spare minute I have I'm on here checking out who's posted since last time!

  6. I think the best thing I ever did to keep up with blogging was start using a google reader-I also try, not very well, to limit how much time I spend online every day.

  7. I have not mastered Google Reader yet ~ I may have to re-visit that! Thanks for coming by!

  8. I think the best thing is to not lose your focus on why you started blogging.

    Everyone always says that it's a matter of finding balance but it really isn't, I believe it's a matter of prioritizing.

    I was at one point living and breathing blogging because it was so new and quickly lost the track of time.

    The best advice that I've read is to start a "little tribe" of max 10 blogs that you really enjoy that you read on a daily or every other day basis so it doesn't become overwhelming.

  9. Great advice! I especially like the idea of remembering why I started.

  10. It's funny this came up as I was sitting here well into my 2nd hour of checking in on my favorite blogs. I think focusing on the original intent is a great rule of thumb. I tend to find blogs that can address a variety of issues my readers may find interesting or helpful. I am also on disability and as such have the luxury of a pretty free schedule. I look for blogs that will be helpful for me at this point of my life where I have the opportunity to reinvent my career. Just as in any other media we all may have some guilty pleasures we like to indulge from time to time; I've been pretty good about avoiding those but once in a while we need a little fluff!


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