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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Stess and Parenting

I'm beginning to work on a graduate thesis as well as a new offering & would love your feedback about stress and parenting.

~ What are your top five stressors as a parent?

~ What impact does stress have on you emotionally & physically?

~ What impact does your stress have on your children?

~ How do you handle stress?

~ Your age?

~ Child(ren) age/s?

~ Number of hours a week worked (beyond household responsibilities)?

I appreciate your response ~ you may respond here or e-mail me @

thanks so much!


  1. I should add that no names will be shared in this project...

  2. - Top 5: Childcare; Time; Guilt; Bills; Me-Time
    - headaches, colds, exhausted
    - sometimes not as patient or have enough energy
    - sleep, shop
    - 35
    - 8 & 10
    - 40+
    Hope this helps...thinking of taking your Re-Voice!

  3. Top 5: Eating(my son is very very picky), talking back, Time, husband working a lot and travelling, getting my son to start doing some chores

    2. The impact of stress is pretty low, in fact although I list stressors I only have one child who is getting ready to start school, its really not that stressful, we are in a very good place right now although it was not always like that. The relationship I have with my son (and husband) is awesome. I would say if anything my energy levels get lower when I am stressed and I have a hard time focusing.

    3. I handle stress in many ways and I have several posts on stress and anxiety (a new one will be posted tomorrow morning on movement and sound) feel free to check those out and link into them. But dance, knitting and reading are my stress relievers.
    4. 38
    5. my son will be 5 next week
    6. i just got a job working about 10 hours a week plus the time i spend on my blog is around 20 total

  4. Thanks so much for responding! Dina ~ I'll drop by!


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