Your vision will become clear only when you look into your heart.
He who looks outside, dreams. He who looks inside, awakens. Carl Jung

Friday, September 24, 2010

Creative Healing

When our eyes see our hands doing the work of our hearts, the circle of Creation is completed inside us, the doors of our souls fly open, and love steps forth to heal everything in sight.  Michael Bridge

A whisper of an idea sent me to a Goodwill store recently.  This sewing table sat at the front as though it were waiting for me.  I loved the thought of a past generation working at this table, creating dresses and linens for their family as they thought of family events and thoughtful gifts that they would create.  You can see all the scratches and it was filthy.  It also had a fold out leaf


and a secret nook to stash threads and notions


as well as a secret message of love to Nathan,


which I sanded and painted several times until finally I settled on this:





I overdid it a bit but since this was my first time painting furniture, I’m happy with it.  And now I have a home for my sewing machine. (As you can see I still need a piece of wood to cover the area where the old machine used to fold in and out.  Total cost ~ $6.oo for the table and $5.oo for the paint.  I already had sandpaper, sealant and stencils.)

What work do your hands do that unleashes love and healing?

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  1. I love this. I have an old sewing machine like that in the fold down table. Goodwill is fabulous!!!
    I enjoy embroidery as my creative outlet. I especially love decorating my granddaughters jeans with flowers, butterflies, vines etc. I also made dream pillows for them and have embroidered the edges of their regular pillowcases with designs that will help keep the bad dreams away :) I've done lots of cloth napkins and dishtowels, I hope these things (at least some of them) will be around after I'm gone, just like the things I have that my grandmothers made. Every time I see one of the things they created it brings back a memory of the love they showed me. :)

  2. Beautiful, Dawn!! Love it...did you know we share the same name? Well I am Leslie Dawn...but Dawn all the same:)

  3. Nothing as beautiful as this - what a great transformation this is. With a stencil and everything. Dawn, I just grabbed your button and posted it over on my blog so I won't forget to come here often during the week - I just love it here! It's beautiful and full of positive energy. That said, as of late I have been doing a lot of origami and making earrings out of newspaper - but I'm a beginner trying to master a craft.

  4. looks great. Wonderful job! I love making old furniture beautiful again :)

  5. Jenny ~ what beautiful memories, I especially love the dream pillows!
    Leslie Dawn (or do you just go by Dawn?) ~ yet another commonality:)
    Haupi ~ thank you! That old saying "Jack of all Trades, Master of None" basically pertains to me! Hope you post your work:)
    Shelley ~ thank you, yes it was fun...I imagine your re-do's are much more magical!

  6. I love this post and thinking of the the memories in treasures older pieces & giving them new life and appreciation. Beautiful post and I love you blog and bio!

    Following & will be back. Have a wonderful weekend!

  7. I love it! Your stencil work is very cute! Great job! Thanks for linking up to Sassy Sites TRASH to TREASURE! :)

  8. beautifully sweet table. I'd like to share with you what I've done with my hands for love. I have created an undersea oasis for my girls who share a room together. There are pictures here:

    If the link doesn't work I guess copy and paste, but I'd love for you to see as you are inspiring. Even though this is my first time to your site, I think I need you in my life....

    I also knit and create my own designs when I have the time. :)


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