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He who looks outside, dreams. He who looks inside, awakens. Carl Jung

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Domestic Violence Awareness Month AlphaHop

My friend Jenny @ Nankoosa's Place reminded me that October is Domestic Violence awareness month.  Quite timely given the recent news of bullying resulting in suicide.  Jenny wrote on my Life Lines facebook page:   Hey fellow Bloggers, I was thinking that in honor of DV awareness month (October) any kind of stories that address overcoming obstacles and challenges might be inspirational! Even if not involving Domestic Violence, the emphasis on survival and resilience is a good theme for the month!
She later made the point that survivors are just as inspirational as those famous quotes I so often use.  She’s right.  To honor that, I invite you to share an alpha poem using any word or phrase that resonates in the spirit of survival and/or anti-violence.  I share my story in my journal writing workbook “Life Lines: Celebrate Your Journey.”  I’ll share an alphapoem I included in the book:
C ome
E veryone
L ook into my eyes
E ven if they cry
B eneath this mask
R ises
A Woman
T alented and Strong
E njoy the Phoenix, A

L egend to Behold
I magine
F ully, Your
E volution

(I’m including this link for another resource ~ Domestic Violence Awareness Month)


  1. Resilience

    Rebuilding, redefining, relearning
    Embracing Hope
    Seeking safety
    It is our right to
    Live in Peace
    Integrity will soon follow
    Enabling strength
    Nurturing our dreams
    Creating our future
    Empowering ourselves and others
    2010, Jenny hazard

  2. Dawn, you know I'm just starting to write poems, but I think I'd like to give this a try. Need some time though. Hope there's no quick deadline.

    Thanks for creatively raising awareness and enthusiasm.

  3. Jenny this is powerful ~ thanks for sharing!

    Myrna ~ please do...the link will be up for a week but you can always post here instead
    I use alphapoems often in my workshops as well as "word bowls" or word "anchors"(copyright) because they are less threatening than asking someone to write poetry. Everyone I've worked with has been surprised at the poetry within. I've seen your writing ~ you'll have no problem & I can't wait to see it!

  4. Dawn: I just linked a thumbnail back to my blog where I posted is not really a poem (or at least nothing like yours or Myrna's), but I did it in an alphabetic form. Thanks for the awareness and the opportunity to participate.

  5. Myrna & OJ ~ loved both of your alphapoems!

  6. Dawn,
    Thanks for going with this. All stories of survival and triumph are germinated in strfe or misfortune. When we are able to hear other's expriences it creates a sense of community and empathy that is missing in so many aspects of our culture.
    Plus I love the alphabet poems! I think I'm going to ty them with my granddaughters and see what they come up with!

  7. I'm "enjoying the phoenix"...great writing and a wonderful contribution. You should be proud.

  8. Wow Dawn, I am blown away by your blog. I will work on one today and come back and link up. I always love finding a new way to express my thoughts. Visiting from the Hare Tribe.

  9. Jenny ~ have fun with that...would love to know how it turns out, I use this with my daughter often!
    Haupi ~ thank you:)
    Tanya ~ glad you came by to check it out...I'll come see you

  10. This very touching and engaging to read the beautiful way you are addressing a very difficult and painful subject. It is also healing to find alphawords that empower us to think of way to find positive ways to make meaning of it all. I will think of a my alphapoem and share... later.
    I'm a Team Hare member and have subscribed and more.
    Have a Happy weekend!


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